Work with WordAid

We have been approached by several writers asking if WordAid would publish or promote their books. We will only consider projects where all profits are donated to a registered charity, but if you have an idea and think you might want to work with us, then do contact us at

We meet every three months to decide on future plans and we will get back to you after our next meeting. Here are some of the ways we might collaborate:

1. WordAid produces and publishes your book or anthology
If you want WordAid to publish your writing then first submit a sample to If it’s something we want to take forward, then you will need to make an upfront financial contribution to cover our editorial, design and print set-up costs. After that, at a cost of about £2 each, you can order as many copies as you think you can sell. Contact for further details.

2. You use the WordAid logo and advertise on our website
Again, submit a sample of your work. If we agree to let you use our logo then we will also help you with advice and marketing via our website. Any books that include the WordAid logo must be in our series format (203mm x 127mm) and we will need to approve a pdf of the final design before making a full commitment.

3. You have a book you are selling for charity and would like a link on our website
Send us the details and we will get back to you.

4. You have an idea for a book for charity and would like to work with us on it
Send us details of your idea and we will get back to you.